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What’s Next? Virtual Events


Posted on: 6th November 2020

Talk to the experts about your next steps and options, whether that’s Higher Education, volunteering or starting an Apprenticeship.

The events taking place are:

Higher Education – 11th November 6pm

In conjunction with Higher Horizons+, this is an insight into higher education. Sessions will include student finance, personal statements and much more. The event will give you all the information you need to know about university.

Volunteering – 18th November 6pm

From involvement in the Arts sector to how to join the Magistrates service, this event gives you all you need to know about how to secure volunteering opportunities that can develop your CV and UCAS personal statement and support your career choices.

Apprenticeships – 2nd December 6pm

In conjunction with All About STEM, this is your chance to find out more about what Apprenticeships are, how to apply for them and get inspiration from current apprentices.


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